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Primary Site

Carlisle FT Channels

There are several parts to the system to allow for sub sites to be added and controlled. First and most important is a brand new section called “Carlisle FT Channels” where via the drop down you can select any channel to edit. If you wish to clone or create a new Channel please still use “Content”.

General rules for importing elements

  1. If there is an updated on the primary site the “Update available” column will say “Yes”.
  2. If you change the sub-site element the “Local update since import” column will say “Yes”. If you still go ahead and update you will get a warning before you update. If you IGNORE it will overwrite ALL changes that you have done.
  3. You can import multiple elements in one go or individually
  4. If the languages have been correctly associated in the primary site the import will bring in all languages as well to the sub site
  5. All assets for that channel have now been imported into the sub site.
  6. You can edit this entry as before.

Also now a very important function added to the new channel is the ability to group all language variations under the English original page. This is only required to make life easy and does not effect anything else at this stage. If you look at “Global Footer” you will see its done already. To organise this so the list is shown better organised go to:

  1. “Language organiser” in drop down under Carlisle FT Channels
  2. Choose channel in drop down on page
  3. Double click the “English” language version of the entry (must be English first) so it appears in list for “Relation Queue”
  4. Click in above list if you wish to remove from “Queue
  5. Click “Relate Entries in Queue”
  6. Its probably worth doing this for library items as well
  7. All entries are now organised

That is all that is required in the primary web site

Sub Sites

Log in as before for the sub site i.e. www.domain.com/cms

If its a Brand new sub site set up by DSM when you log in go to:

  1. Carlisle FT Channels
  2. “Channel Entries Importer”
  3. Choose the channel you wish to import into the sub site
  4. Any pages imported will need to be opened and saved to appear on the front end

That’s it the sub site is now built


The menus have two new parts to make it easier to use


  1. As before all menus are built and controlled here. But you now have:
    1. An option to “Display Product Categories Under” = this adds all categories in the system to load dynamically to the menu, link “Products”
    2. You must make sure the “Custom link” is not used for the above to work
    3. The “Hide for Refinish” and ” Hide for Industrial” will work as before

Clone a menu

This is a new part and is listed in the drop down of “Menu” called “Menu Cloning tool”. Once you have built a new menu, probably in English, you can use this tool to create a new version for each language.

  1. Add Taxonomy label, suggest it matches the English name and renamed as “Name – FR” etc for each language
  2. Add new taxonomy name. Import to get this exactly right = “name_anything_fr” etc for each language
  3. Once a menu is cloned it will need updating if the original is changed

Import to sub site of menus

As per other sections there is dedicated page under “Carlisle FT Channels” called “Menu Importer”. This works just the same and will allow you to import the menu into the sub-site. Also update if changes have been made to the primary site.


There are some changes to categories in the system. All categories added to the system have a new option called “menu control”:

  1. Hide for Refinish = Hides item in dynamic menus on Refinish pages
  2. Hide for Industrial = Hides item in dynamic menus on Industrial pages
  3. Hide for both = Hides item in dynamic menus on both markets. Useful for generic pages


There are several new tools for adding translations to the system, the most important one is “System ID control and translations”. The new grid lists all the variables and allows a translation to be added for each

There is also a separate file for controlling the translations for “Captcha” which has been set as a snippet. This is best done by DSM and access is not currently available at clients access level.

Expression Engine 3

The following are new methods and carrying out actions in EE3 plus updated instructions to above


To clone an entry now open an existing entry and go to the “Simple Clone” tab at the top.

  1. Add an extension in “Title Suffix” that you want to add to existing entry you are cloning, something like “- FR”. You can edit it after to be completely different.
  2. Add an extension in “URL Title Suffix” that you want to add to existing entry you are cloning, something like “-fr”. You can edit it after to be completely different.
  3. Turn on the “Clone Entry” switch
  4. Click save
  5. Open new entry as before
  6. When you edit make sure you assign it to the correct language in “Transcribe” tab. If you want English you will just need to save

Import and export form CSV

This section should be used very carefully as its very powerful but can cause issues. You MUST tell other editors that you are working on channel if you want to as if they carry on editing their chnages will be lost when you upload. Other import rules

  1. If you wish to add NEW entries do not add anything in the “entry_id” column. It will then be auto created.
  2. Do NOT touch the “entry_id” column.
  3. Do NOT use Excel to edit the file. Use Google or similar

CSV import with Datagrab

This should be used very carefully as it can cause results that damage the current data but used correctly it will allow for very powerful upload/edit of data

DSM have set up spreadsheets for each channel in Google Docs. Contact DSM to get permission to see them. The spreadsheets are available for:

  1. Ask Us How
  2. Distributors
  3. General
  4. Library
  5. News
  6. Paints
  7. Products

Other channels are not to be used with this tool. This is the order of actions to be done

  1. First go to the spreadsheet in Google Docs
  2. Each spreadsheet has a sample line of data so you know what goes where. Do not touch the first row (Heading) as that is ignored on import
  3. Add correct data to each cell. It is extremely important that some cells are exact lie categories. Also Country and State in Distributor channel. You MUST add something to all cells but most will except “.” if you have no content
  4. The Title MUST match exactly the one used in the current system if this is to update an entry. If its new it does not mater
  5. You MUST import one langauge at a time.
  6. Spreadsheet is already set up to import and saves itself
  7. Look in to the CMS system
  8. Go to Datagrab in menu
  9. You will see a saved import for all Channels, All you have to do is click the “Start import” button 
  10. If you are uploading anything but English you will need to click the cog icon first and:
    1. Go down to the “Transcribe” section and change the drop down menu to the one required.
    2. Click the “Do import” button bottom left.
    3. Sgest you do not save the Import as it could overwrite the existing settings
    4. The same as above is required before importing if you want the status to change to Open” or “Closed”
    5. Again “Do import”

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