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CMS access

The following is setup for access to the site

Web master Full back-end (DSM only) Level 1
Global admin Total access to all sites Level 2
Global editor Only has access to Global site – www.carlisleft.com Level 2a
Sub-site admin Total access to only a sub-site. Will though be able to see global elements and clone them – www.carlisleft.com Level 3
Sub-site editor Only has access to sub-sites Level 4
Member For front end access to the Extranet which has restricted access pages Level 5

All access settings and groups are first set up in the Global site although the users can be overridden in a sub-site “Members” area.

Any members that need access to the global site should be added there first and when the sub-site is set up will be copied over to the new DB. After the sub-site is setup the users will need to be added to all sites they are to have access to.

Category ID’s that are used – Menus


  1. Industrial = 2
  2. Auto = 3


  1. BGK = 6
  2. Binks = 7
  3. DeVilbiss = 4
  4. MS = 96
  5. Ransburg = 5


  1. BGK Literature = 102
  2. BGK Technical = 101
  3. Binks Literature = 97
  4. Binks Technical = 98
  5. DeVilbiss Literature = 100
  6. DeVilbiss Technical = 99
  7. MS Literature = 106
  8. MS Technical = 105
  9. Ransburg Literature = 104
  10. Ransburg Technical = 103

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